Hello, I am Stefano. I am an information architect with over ten years of experience in designing information systems that work at an enterprise scale. I developed my career by juggling across various areas of systems and databases design and development, constantly playing across the engineering and the product side. To me, it is never about just coding software. Rather, it is about building a product, or an information system, that can do what the business wants without asking them to compromise any functionality or need.
My Work
Currently, I work as an Engineering Director for American Express. I am based in the United Kingdom, south of London. My current role is all about having fun with GraphQL technology and helping my company to leverage it for developing better API products. I lead a team of engineers who are building nice and cool product entirely based on GraphQL API. Also, I worked for several years in a universal bank in Switzerland and a system integrator in Italy.
Personal Bit
It is not a mistake. I am Italian, and this means I like good food and wine. I am always researching for new food experiences, tastes and flavours. Beyond that, I have an extensive list of hobbies and interests. These are the three most important:
  • Aviation - I love planes and I fly them. I hold a pilot's licence and have been flying since 2008. Flying gives me the unique opportunity to see the world from above and access to a privileged standpoint.
  • Scuba Diving - Because seeing the world from above is not enough, I am also an avid scuba diver. There is a lot to see, to discover and to protect.
  • Running - Flying and scuba diving are all about the vertical axis. My take on the horizontal axis is running. I started running in 2019 and now cannot stop. It is more than just fitness. It is my recipe for mental health and when the best idea comes out of my mind.